Measurements and kid update. 計り、そしてちびっ子アップデート

Entry #2








3/4 カップとか、2/3カップとか、ややっこしいところをカバーできるセットなので、あって毎日助かってる。自分も元々グラムが書かれたレシピファンだったけど、マトリョシカのおかげでカップありかも!って思えるようになった。






夫と自分の手は楽だったけど、ちびっ子は普段から賑やかすぎて手をなかなか押させてくれない。なので、少しはブレたが、それはそれでいいかも! 笑


It’s humid and hot in Tokyo, and oh gosh how I am not good with this weather! I can’t even tell how much ice rooibos tea I drank today, and it is still far from being over! The Little One is not so lively too to play, so it’s blog time while he is having a nap in a baby carrier.

I noticed that these days I am using recipes with cup measurements much more often than before. You see, originally I am a person who loves to be precise like apothecary, so I usually stuck to gram recipes. And I can explain why. We Russian have our own “cup” measuring system, and that “cup” is no other thing but old school Soviet glass. The thing with it is it can be filled not fully and that still qualifies as cup, that’s why recipes in Russian are pretty much vague on what to put and how much. You usually end up guessing if it goes right or not, until someday you unlock the skill of “feeling” exact amount of ingredients. Tricky huh?

What I love about cups – no tricky stuff behind. Few years ago I got measure cups set from one of my Japanese friends and it has helped me much since. Besides it’s cute so what more to ask for? Matryoshka for a Russian soul!

And the Kid update.

In a week and a bit the Little Caterpillar is turning 3 month old, and as he is growing so fast we decided to make something to have memory of how tiny he was. After some Instagram surfing I found very cool idea so we did it! The Little One is still much lively so you can imagine how tough it was to press his hand (it blurred in the end haha), but still I am content with the outcome.
Japanese have a tradition of celebrating 100 days after birth, so we are to have some more memories-to-be-made invents I am so excited about! One of them is making Kid’s hand and toe prints with the mold my sis sent us from Russia. Oh I am excited!


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