Leaps App that explains everything. 子育てに便利なアプリ

Entry #4




正直言うと、パニクった。ちょうど夫も出張で、全く一人。で、いつもやっていることをやり始めた。グーグル 笑


日本語もあるけど、英語でダウンロードしたので、名前はThe Wonder Weeks. (日本語は不思議な週齢ワンダーウイーク)。

元々本であったが、アプリになってとっても使いやすい! で、なんて正確! びっくりするくらい。新生児の成長過程をリープと説明し、リープして新しいことを身につけようとする赤ちゃんがいつより一生懸命ぐずるか、いつ機嫌で対応しやすいか、そしてどのスキルをマスターしようとしているかは説明されている。合っている! 全て合っている!

で、今はちょうど第2リープを終えたところ、ちびっ子は穏やかで一日中ニコニコ。次のリープまでまだ時間があるので、少しは息抜きできるかな? 笑




The Little Caterpillar is growing day by day and as I’m new to all this as its my first kid and I didn’t have little kids around as well It all puzzles me pretty much, believe me.

Few weeks ago, just when hubby was away on a business trip for 4 days, and I was all alone with The Little One, one morning he suddenly decided he doesn’t want to sleep and be fed like he used to, became much fussy and started crying for an unknown reason nonstop. That puzzled and frightened me much, so I did what I usually do – I googled.

Google had loads of handful and not so information as usual, but among the tons of info I found application called The Wonder Weeks. And it amazed me so much I can’t express fully.

According to the app (which is based on a book and I ordered one!), newborn during the first year of his life on this planet experiences leaps of development, after which he gains certain skills and shows mental and emotional growth. During the leap kid is mostly fussy and moody, clinging to mom (we have it oh we do), and between the leaps he is rather calm and sunny. And gosh it matches so well with my Little One. On the verge of How do they know?!? Haha

Now I am tracking growth and counting days till next leap, enjoying sunny side of my kid. Good time to write some entries in advance hehe

Kid is learning how to have fun with things and toys now, and his favorite ones, apart from mom’s face, are dad’ neckties. Ask me why. Either he wants to be white collar worker like his dad, or he is just trying out his acting skills! Still hilarious.



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