Choco Coconut milk Overnight Oats Heaven. オーバーナイト オートミール 宗教。

Entry #5


私にとって、一晩(オーバーナイトの意味)オートミールは数年前から好きな朝ごはんオプションの一つで、最近になってまたマイブームが来ている 笑










  • 1/2カップ オートミール
  • 1/2カップ プレーンヨーグルト
  • 1/4カップ ココナッツミルク
  • 大さじ 1 と1/2 ココア パウダー
  • 大さじ 2 メープルシロップ


  1. メイソンジャーにオートミールを入れ、上にココアパウダーをまぶし、混ぜ合わせる。
  2. 上にヨーグルトをかけ、メープルシロップ加え、最後にココナッツミルクを入れてから蓋をしめる。
  3. 一晩冷蔵庫で寝かせる。
  4. 朝、冷蔵庫から出し、混ぜ合わせれば出来上がり!


普段からアーモンドミルクを使っていて、その味とクリーミーな食感には慣れたけど、今回調理でココナッツミルクが余ってしまい、まいっかと思って入れてみた。クリーミーささらにアップ! なんて味わいだ! 朝ごはんと言っても、本当はデザートの気分。毎朝デザートの気分。最高じゃない! しかも、なかなかの腹持ちで、昼食まで余裕。 それを狙っていたので、満足満足。



I have always been quite a fan of oatmeal as it is, whether it is in cookies, porridge or any other baked goods. Few years ago I was pretty much surprised to discover overnight oats as that was something new to me but so delicious I immediately fell in love with it. I remember my first attempts to make one – I was just pouring milk over oats and gosh that’s so cute as I see it now.

Well everything is changing and moving so am I. I learned few more tricks and bought in IKEA some jars to make fancier oats. And who would have thought I am to rediscover overnight oats after I give birth to my son? I surely haven’t.

But, people, overnight oats are It for busy bees who have no time in the morning to cook proper breakfast! At least I don’t have.

We wake at 6:30 and hubby crawls out of bed to make coffee just to crawl back few minutes later to have another 10 minutes of precious sleep (he is such a sleepy head!) When our coffee is ready we both get out of bed and have 10 minutes for breakfast. Hubby usually has yoghurt with banana or raisins, and so was I, but not until few weeks ago when I found myself extremely hungry at 9 am. Oh breastfeeding! That’s why I was forced to reconsider my breakfast routine.

Oh yes and if you are curious why can’t I have slow breakfast as not that I need to go to work, right after we eat I am to cook lunch boxes for hubby while he is watching the kid and preparing for work. Besides we have a rule in our family – eating together is a must. And now I have the Kid Factor. The Little Caterpillar can be fussy or demand food too so some mornings I am really short on time.

Here come overnight oats to rescue and feed me with nutritionally amazing stuff. As I had coconut milk leftovers in the fridge this time I am sharing recipe with it. Usually I go for almond milk as it is always there in stock, but let me tell you, coconut milk is a wonderful twist to oats! And texture is more creamy, a real treat it is!

Chocolate Coconut Milk Overnight Oats.

  • 1/2 cup oatmeal
  • 1/2 cup plain yoghurt
  • 1/4 cup coconut milk
  • 1 1/2 tbsp cocoa powder
  • 2 tbsp maple syrup


  1. Put oatmeal and cocoa powder in a jar and mix.
  2. Pour yoghurt, maple syrup and top it with coconut milk.
  3. Leave in the fridge for night.
  4. In the morning just stir the mixture and enjoy!

With the help of cocoa powder these overnight oats are more of a dessert than a breakfast. And isn’t it smashing to have dessert right in the morning? I totally love it!

Just try out and you will love these oats the way I do!