Rubber ring for infants that is so good I want two! ちびっ子浮輪!買ってよかったわー

Entry #6


一週間前、ネットをいじっていた夫がポロリと、「赤ちゃん用の浮き輪があるんだけど、かわいいから買っちゃおうかなー」と独り言のようにつぶやき、まあいいんじゃないと答えたら数分後、「買っちゃった!ウフフ」が聞こえ、いつもと違って決断が早いなーと思った 笑


大人用のお風呂にちびっ子を入れているのは夫だけ。それは週末の二人の楽しみでもあり、私の楽しみでもある。二人がお風呂入っている間、こっちは休めるからかな?笑 だけど、週末まで待ちきれないと、早速平日だけどお風呂行こうと夫盛り上がり。カメラをとってフォロー。



ちびっ子はカメラ好きなので、ジッとそれを見つめているので撮影が楽 笑










I think I already have a list of things I am so happy I bought that are connected to child bringing up, I should start putting it down. And when I thought from which one should I start, rubber ring came up first. No surprise there honestly.

A week ago hubby was surfing through Internet and I heard him mumbling “There is a cute Rubber Ring for infants, maybe we should buy it…”, so I replied with “Oh why not”. And in few minutes I hear “Ok, I bought it!” – and let me point out it is super fast for hubby to buy something like that. Usually he is extra slow with making decisions on buying this and that haha.

On Monday we got our cute rubber ring. And let me tell you, it is worth each yen!

Usually on week days I bathe The Little One in his cute green baby bath (which is already too small for him oh kids do grow fast!),  but on weekends hubby is in charge so he prepares real bath and has fun there with the kid. I am too lazy to make (adult) bath each time, besides it is somewhat inconvenient to get out carrying the kid in one hand and trying to towel yourself. Not a big fan of that kind of circus routine.

With the rubber ring ready to be played with we just couldn’t wait till the weekend! Who could?

At first The Little One was  rather confused and looked like UFO when I was jumping around trying to take dozens of pictures. You see, our kid likes camera so he doesn’t give me hard times while capturing him on camera or phone. But as he got used to the state of things with the ring, he started pushing his legs off the bottom of the bath and swimming back and forth like a little boat. Oh we laughed!

By the end of his first rubber ring session The Little One got that excited he was making huge moves with his legs and hands under the water, hilarious and cute at the same time. Here I regretted I didn’t take video camera with me. Wish I had more hands hahaha.

The verdict is, the rubber ring is a must. Not only kids enjoy being in water and playing with it, it gives so many fabulous shots and memories for parents. Win win!

Can’t wait the next session! I am soo taking video I swear!

By the way, I baked something really delicious and healthy as usual, can you guess by the pic?







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