Being a nuts parent is fun! 自分なりの子育ての楽しみ方

Entry #8



最近はもちろんちびっ子の写真が多い。携帯のメモリは常にいっぱいいっぱいで、デジカメらの出番もよくあり、一眼も 笑


正直ね、最初はちびっ子はママの子かなーって思っていたけど、でも違う。パパの子だ。夫が仕事から帰って来ると、パパを発見したら数秒で興奮してしまい、アウアウしゃべりまくるだの、ちっちゃな手を伸ばすだの、パパと目があうと ニコニコ、とにかく幸せな1匹。一日中私と遊んだり、喋ったり、あやされたりしてたら飽きちゃうのかな 笑



この二人のツーショットがひょっとしたら私とちびっ子のツーショットより多いかな? 笑


そして、楽しく子育ての毎日を送るためこういう写真も時に撮らないと! キウイ兄弟!笑



I have always loved to take pictures.

When I first arrived to Japan, I was taking like hundreds of pics a day, and you can imagine how hard it was to organize those later. I was taking literally anything: scenery and nature, all the things tourists would take pictures of, people, food and you name it.

As you can guess, now my main object of photographing is The Little One. Phone goes sorry not enough memory each two weeks, and there is digital camera, and another camera… Yes I love taking pictures. But out of all the pictures with son I adore one certain type – when he is pictured with hubby.

At first we thought The Little Caterpillar is mommy’ she boy. Apparently, we were wrong. Of course, during week days we usually spend all day together, playing, chatting (he just won’t stop!! Chatty little man!) and smiling, but when hubby comes back from work all of it escalates and goes to whole new level. Sitting in my arms, kid starts trying to get hubby’s attention, talking loudly and reaching his hands, and when noticed, he just won’t stop smiling. And they can play together for a long time, and even sleep too. And oh gosh I do enjoy it.

Apart from taking proper pictures of our three months old Kid (today’s the day yay), I take loads of weird ones. Tough being a nuts mom I must say!

Yesterday I almost died from laughter over two little kiwis thing and as I did it (thanks Internet. However it was written that these kinds of things are mostly done by dads hence I’m dad? Haha), I need to think of some new fun again. So addictive being crazy hehe!