Three months of entertaining us have passed, more to come. もうちょいで百日のちびっ子。

Entry #10



泣き方でさえ、成長した 笑。 廊下に響いて、夫と二人でにやっとして、ああ、うちのだ!声が大きいね。と、笑った。なんて親だ ははは






号泣きのあとはよく寝てくれているチビ青虫君なので、ためしに大豆粉とアーモンドプードルがベースのブルーベリーマフィンを焼けることまでできた。予防接種に感謝 苦笑

そして、三ヶ月も立ち、目がまだ青い。青いと言うか、私の色。周りからは絶対茶色くなるって言われているけど、ならないようにこっそり祈っている。毎晩寝る前にね 笑。 おととい調度面白い顔でママを楽しませる会を披露してくれたとき、色をきれいに撮れることができた。もし本当に変わったら、せめてこの一枚は残る。ちびっ子にあとでみせてもいい 笑

IMG_4438 (編集済み)

ちなみに、大豆粉とアーモンドプードルのブルーベリーマフィンが大成功。半分は夫がぱくぱく食べてくれた。隠しておけばよかった 笑


In few days our Little One will hit 100 days of hanging out outside and entertaining us. And gosh time does fly so fast!

Yesterday we went to the three months old medical checkup, being surrounded by tiny babies of 10 days (!) old and one month old cuties. And here I was holding my almost 7 kilo heavy and 62 cm long boy, looking like he is half an year already. But a couple of months ago he must have been that tiny, although I already forgot hahaha.

Even his crying manner matured. As the Little One was carried away to make blood type test, me and hubby heard him angrily crying showing his rebelling spirit, so we laughed. We are weird parents I know, but that crying was so powerful and energetic I kind of even felt proud we have a kid with such strong lungs haha.

Speaking about crying. In Russia infants vaccination kicks off right after baby is born, but Japanese are kind of slow compared. Slow but intense. As its 4 vaccinations at once, and let me tell you, if I was shot three times in a row I would cry too. We had Sparta vaccination one month ago and the Little Caterpillar cried hard, mostly because it was past his feeding time though. This time he did show his temper, in a resentful manner, and I had rather tough time calming him down after.

But Japan wouldn’t be Japan if something cute wouldn’t have been involved. As the Little One was getting his three shots, nurse put three band aids with cartoon faces from Anpanman, saying Oh look how cute are these, don’t cry! Well well well, highly doubting kid can appreciate this kind of service at his age, I laughed.

Kid still has my blue eyes and I am keeping told the color will switch to brown eventually, but I pray every night it wont. Sigh! At least I can take as many pictures of blue eyed Caterpillar so I can show those to him in case his eyes go dark! And yes I am taking tons!

The only bonus (?) I get after all these clinic visits and vaccination hysterics is that the Little One falls asleep rather easy and gives me some time to do stuff around the house. This time I tried to bake almond and soy flour blueberry muffins and let me tell you it came out just perfect. And half of those delishes was eaten by hubby which was a surprise for me as he rarely attacks my sweets, so I even kind of regretted I didn’t hide my muffins! hahaha.