Let’s cook from a book! Ramsay Quiche. 本のレシピで調理しよう! ラムゼイ キッシュ

Entry #12




「Gordon Ramsay Home Cooking」(2013年出版)






ちびっ子が抱っこ紐で寝ている間,クラストの生地を作って、中身も用意してたら授乳タイムに入ってしまい、夫が焼くことになった。まあ、そういう展開を予想しないとだね 苦笑



  • 200g パンチェッタ (ベーコンに変更)
  • 2本 長ネギ
  • オリーブオイル (炒めるため)
  • 4個 卵
  • 1/4カップ 生クリーム
  • 110g プロセスチーズ (レシピではグリュイエールチーズ)
  • 塩、ブラックペッパー
  • 大さじ2イタリアンパセリ


  • 1と1/2カップ 小麦粉
  • 塩少々
  • 1/2カップ バター




These days it’s so rare for me to sit and read a book that cooking from books became even more rare. I liked it much back in times but now as I’m mostly limited in time on week days I either go for recipes I usually do or just go along with cutting and frying and baking ingredients using feeling. Quickly.

This kind of daily cooking results in doing same dishes over and over and eventually getting bored. Butt here is no place for boredom in kitchen!

On weekends we went shopping with hubby and the Little One, and had a lovely lunch with mini quiche. Oh we loved it! Besides hubby has been loud on Make Quiche! for a while already, so it was decided. And I even had a book in mind.

I can’t tell how much do I love Gordon Ramsay so you could fully embrace it. I totally love him. And I have his books,I do, but somehow I have never cooked from them still! Such a shame! I’m sorry, Gordon!

It was such a pleasure to cook from his book, “Gordon Ramsay Home Cooking” (2013), I must say. Quiche went out delicious and we ate it all of course, although I had few problems with ingredients. It’s hard to find pancetta here, and even more tough to find certain kinds of cheese. You have to go to special shops and look out there, and this time I didn’t have time for that. Besides it is much more costly haha. That’s why pancetta became bacon, and Gruyere cheese just processed one. I’m sorry, Gordon! Next time I will prepare better I promise.

I am so adding this recipe to my recipe book inside my head! Try it out too, Gordon can’t fail you!


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