Hundred days of The Little One. 100日記念、早っ!と思い出づくり

Entry #13













Our Little One has spent 100 day on this planet already and it is unbelievable how time flies. Japanese love 100 day anniversary and do have some traditions and celebrations, which we are going to partially follow next weekend by doing Kuizome, first “eating” of adult food by infant. (Reality is kid of course cant eat rice and whatnot so it is a symbolic thing mostly, wishing the baby to grow strong and healthy). We won’t go to shrine as hubby’s family is not that shrine type one, and that is totally fine with me.

Being together with The Little One every and each day, I hardly can tell if he grew up more or less or became heavier. Pictures do help a lot, but the best thing we bought and I don’t regret any second of buying, is video camera. Hubby’s colleague who has two kids, kindly advised hubby to buy one,. And we did.

This weekend I was transferring videos from camera to computer as I need to burn CD to send my mom with other stuff I send to Russia from time to time to entertain my relatives. Watching videos on big screen was appealing so I watched one of the first ones. Shocker! The Little Caterpillar was ACTUALLY little! With all those wrinkles! So much like an old man! Oh look at those skinny legs! As you can guess, I can go on and on. I did.

That is why every parent should have a camera. We bought really, really simple one, but it is fairly enough. Memories are priceless.

Another thing we did and I do advice it to everyone, is taking kid’s feet and hands mold. We tried out to make those on weekends, using the set my sister sent us from Russia. And it was damn hard! We failed on hand but succeeded with foot. Tiny tiny foot. I’m totally pleased and I will get back at hand mold anyway!

Can’t wait for The Little One to grow up and see all these things. And I will record those emotions for sure!