Leap #3 end and little Bee. 第3リープの終わり、チビ蜂君

Entry #15

The Wonder Weeks アップリ によると、もうすぐ第3リープが終わるらしい。第3リープが短いため、ぐずりも号泣きもそれほどなく、どちらかというと楽しい変化ばかりだった。大変なおしゃべりやで、起きている間は会話が弾んでなかなか止まない。お母さん似かな 笑

私、運動が大好き。一日中抱っこ紐でちびっ子を運ぶとそれはそれで忍耐力(?) 持久力(?)のトレーニングにはなっているかもしれないけど、朝寝が深い時、ちびっ子を重りとして利用して、筋トレができるようになってきた。



こないだの生後100日記念の日に可愛い写真を目指して蜂さん格好で写真をパシャり! 普段からニコニコしている息子がカメラを発見するとすぐ表情が真剣になって、なかなか微笑んでくれない。なぜだろう。にしてもカメラ大好きで、モデルさんになりたがっているつもり? 笑 ママとしてはスポーツマンがいいけどなー 笑




According to The Wonder Weeks app, the third leap is about to end and this was such a peaceful one I must admit. The Little one didn’t cry much neither was he fussy, but he turned out to be super chatty one it surprised me much. He is talking long long gibberish sentences while awake, not minding if it’s with me, hubby or neckties and his mirror reflection. Mirror reflection is a killer though! No surprise as I am a talkative type, but chatting and swimming (oh that rubber ring!) is by far this little man’s most loved activities.

I used to work out and was a gym fan before the Little One popped out, but now gym is not possible, and I have to carry the kid in baby carrier all day as well. So workouts as I used to know them are merely impossible. But we are not giving up do we? Walking all day and rocking the kid is a kind of endurance workout as it is, but muscles are important as well, so I got used to use kid as free weight and do exercises while carrying him. It’s so fun I must say!

Arms workouts with dumbbells are easy as arms are free anyway. Can’t do push-ups but it’s ok. Lower body is fun too, as I can squat and do lounges while supporting the kid in carrier, or swing legs back and forth. And when the kid is awake and playing on his baby mat, I can do planks and push-ups while watching and chatting with my boy. I am still far from my pre-pregnancy body but I know it gonna take time especially considering me being exclusively breastfeeding and eating as if I am a huge guy hahaha.

Apart from trying to workout I am still taking loads of pictures. The one above is taken on 100 days anniversary. Oh that cute Bee! Amazingly, the Little One won’t stop smiling usually but as soon as camera is in his sight he suddenly turns so serious! And gosh he does love being taken pictures of! Maybe I should start considering modeling career for him haha. I’d prefer him to become sportsman though, but it’s not my choice anyway, it’s his. So excited to see him grow.


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