Mt.Fuji mouth, cup-kid and other perks of parenthood. 富士口やマグカップベビーなどの親の毎日

Entry #26

あと2日で4ヶ月になるチビ青虫君。もう、7キロ半を超えたこの子は決して小さくはないけど、そういう風に呼び続けていいのかな 笑








個人的に口の方が癒されるけど、マグカップベビーも楽しかった。マグカップのかわりにソ連時代の大好評だったグラスホルダーに渋いソ連のグラス。家にあるんで! 笑 マグカップももちろんよかったけど、半分ロシア人の子なんでアピールしなきゃ 笑

今日もまた外が暑いので出る気分が湧いてこないと思うので、ベーキングデーにしよう! パウンドケーキとエネルギーバーがアジェンダ☆

In 2 days The Little One will turn 4 months old and as he is more than 7,5 kilos heavy I hardly can call him “little” anymore. Kids do grow so fast! Wonder how should I call him now haha.

I have Instagram and I am really enjoying doing it, as it is quick to post and I have heaps of pictures on my phone anyway. Here is my Instagram,  feel free to drop by and check some pics!

So Instagram. I like browsing hashtags and search for some wonderful pictures ideas to do with the Caterpillar, as I need some daily fun, especially in this hot weather when it is almost impossible to go out for a walk. I posted Kiwi-boy already, and Nigiri-face too, so today we are having Mt.Fuji Mouth and Cup-Kid!

Oh I love these two, especially cup-kid, although it is technically not a cup but glass in Soviet Russia hardcore glass stand. Cups are cute for sure, but as the kid is half Russian I felt urge to stress it hahaha.

As I doubt we are to go out for a walk today, I proclaim it to be baking day! I have loaf and protein bars in my mind and I am so excited!