Shibamata Station walk. 柴又駅観光

Entry #29


夫は上司から柴又の話をだいぶ前だけど聞いたことがあって、バスで遠くないので行こうかって、柴又駅観光が決まった 笑


柴又駅周辺はやはりあれこれ寅さん関係のものが多い。バスで来た私たちは駅にたどり着いたのは最後だったけど、話の流れ的には最初にした。にしても人多い! 若い人も多い! これはびっくり。

また、柴又の名物である柴又帝釈天もなんて立派。大学院で民俗学をやっていた自分が最高に盛り上がったわ。山車研究で彫刻と関わっていて、それはこちらのお寺の目を奪わるような彫刻をみればそれは盛り上がるでしょう。彫刻展示もあったけど、次回までお預け ☆

着いてほぼすぐ昼御飯食べに蕎麦屋に行った。やはり日本式の観光は美味しいもの巡るだな! 笑 ロシアだったら食べ物とか食事はどこにするのとかは一番最後に来る。見物を回る、海で日焼けをする、買い物をするのが大事。日本は食べ物で観光行き先が決まると言っても過言ではない。で、夫がグーグルで見つけた蕎麦屋で美味しい蕎麦と天ぷらを食べた。日本人的だな-


駅前のお土産屋はおすすめ。そこで金のうんこのオブジェが販売され、店員が50カ国語で「金のうんこ」が言えると言っている。ロシア語で聞いて合っていて思わず爆笑。すごいな、お姉さん! うんこ買わなかったことはごめんね!

食べ歩きでこちらの名物、草団子と、久しぶりに食べた気がするかき氷、とても美味しかった蕎麦ソフトクリーム、味噌味せんべい、食べて食べて食べまくった。観光はこれでなくっちゃ 笑

寅さん博物館も帰る前に寄って、思った以上に面白かった。ドラマ全然見たことないのに! 博物館好きはこうなるね 笑

柴又、また来るから! 次回はボートで川渡り、おもちゃ博物館、うなぎ食事、待ってて!


During late pregnancy and after the Little one was born we were not able to go anywhere far enough to qualify as traveling. That is why I was so excited about o-Bon as we could go somewhere for even a day. Considering abnormally hot weather and kid getting super fussy we eventually gave up going somewhere far and decided to take a short bus walk to one of the stations near our home.

Hubby’s boss told him once about Shibamata station relatively close to us being splendid for sightseeing. This station is famous for being a home for “Otoko wa tsurai yo” ( it’s tough being man) series, so pretty much everything is related with it. I honestly wanted to watch a bit before going to Shibamata but ended up not being able to. But hey, traveling in Japan means eating loads of tasty things so who cares about film series! Can watch it sometime later!

Shibamata station has everything you would like when having a trip: beautiful Japanese temple Shibamata Taishakuten, with amazing carvings and pines, tons of food to eat while strolling, retro sweets and toys shop, souvenirs shops and Japanese food restaurants to please your appetites. You can even take a river crossing boat tour (which we didn’t do as it was smoking hot), not to mention Tora-San museum for film series lovers.

I strongly recommend souvenir shop near the station selling gold poop figures, as the lady selling it can say “gold poop” on 50 different languages. I heard Russian and gosh I laughed hard!! Sorry Lady, we didn’t buy the poop thought! Maybe next time!

And now let me tell you how Japanese style traveling looks like: we had soba noodles and tempura for lunch, buckwheat soft cream, miso flavored Japanese rice crackers, local famous traditional sweets called kusa-dango, shaved ice kakigori, and we could eat more it’s just we had no time Hahahahahaha! That’s what Japanese style travel is about! You eat, and eat, and eat again.

I’d strongly recommend Shibamata as it is a nice place to hang around for a whole day without getting bored! Next time I will watch series to have another Shibamata experience for sure!