Stuffed Paprika Russian Style ロシア風 パプリカの肉詰め

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ロシア風 パプリカの肉詰め

  • 2個 大きめなパプリカ
  • 1/2個 パプリカ (みじん切り)
  • 250g 牛豚合挽き肉
  • 1/2個 玉ねぎ (みじん切り)
  • 1/2個 人参 (おろし)
  • 塩、胡椒、ナツメグ
  • 大さじ1 イタリアンパセリ
  • 大さじ1 デイール
  • 大さじ4 サワークリーム


  1. 1/2個のパプリカと玉ねぎをみじん切りし、人参を皮をむいて大きめにおろす。
  2. 肉詰め用のパプリカのヘタを蓋にするので丸く切り、とっておく。パプリカの中をキレイにし、オーブン用の皿に乗せる。
  3. ボールで合挽き肉、玉ねぎ、人参と1/2個のパプリカを合わせて、塩、胡椒、ナツメグで味をつけて、みじん切りにされたイタリアンパセリとデイールをかけて混ぜ合わせる。
  4. パプリカにたっぷり3を詰めて、220度に温めておいたオーブンで40分焼く。20分経ったら蓋のように上にヘタを乗せて残り20分焼く。
  5. 出来上がったら挽肉の上にサワークリームを乗せて、上からヘタ蓋をかぶせて完成。



是非夕飯に作ってみて ☆



Normally I don’t cook Russian food much, being not that nostalgic about mayonnaise or loads of fried potatoes or soups. And sweets are too sugary so the recipes need much of a touch. But oven dishes are my forever love. Oven just makes it healthier, whether it is some roasted chicken or veggies.

I know that not only Russians stuff paprika or other veggies, but in terms of using dill and tons of sour cream I bet my hat no one can overcome Russian!

Whenever I see a large paprika in supermarket, I grab it and mumble to myself, it’s stuffed paprika time for dinner. Because other than finding beautiful big paprika, there is nothing difficult in this recipe. Meat, more veggies, and just waiting for paprika to get out of oven!

Stuffed Paprika Russian style

  • 2 paprika (big, which can stand on a plate)
  • 250g minced  beef and pork mix
  • 1/2 paprika
  • 1/2 onion
  • 1/2 carrot shredded
  • Salt, black pepper,  nutmeg
  • 1 tbsp minced Italian parsley and dill each
  • 4 tbsp sour cream to serve

How to:

  1. Cut the tops off the paprika and clean it inside from seeds but don’t throw away tops and we will use them as cover for paprika later.
  2. Chop onion and half of paprika finely, and shred carrot.
  3. Combine minced meat with 2, season it with salt, black pepper and nutmeg, and add dill and parsley.
  4. Stuff paprika and place them into oven proof plates. Bake in preheated to 220C oven for 40 minutes total. After 20 minutes in oven open it once and place cut tops onto your paprika. Bake for another 20 minutes.
  5. When done put two tbsp of sour cream on each paprika and close it again with tops. Enjoy!

When I feel like I want to eat these gorgeous stuffed friends, I top it with cheese when baked halfway. Cheese is maybe as good as sour cream is but Russian in me is always trying to reach for sour cream first hehe

Hope you are all having wonderful dinner!


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