Tropical Aloe Smoothie トロピカル アロエ スムージー

Entry #38




冷蔵庫に果物が微妙に多く残っていて、しかも熟している。ミックスしなきゃ。どのスパイスで味をつけるかのも考えていたけど、出来たスムージーを味見したら、何もいらないんだ! なぜなら、隠し味があるからだ。アロエって。



これで、スムージーにアロエジュレ、ドキドキだった。結果、美味しい! はまっちゃいそうなくらい。

トロピカル アロエ スムージー


  • 190g 市販 アロエジュレ
  • 1/2個 マンゴー
  • 1個 キヴィ
  • 1/2個 桃
  • 1/2カップ アーモンドミルク
  • 1/2カップ 氷


  1. キヴィは皮のまま入れてもいい。モモとマンゴーは、熟していればいるほどよい。
  2. 食材をミキサーに入れてボタンを押せば出来上がり。
  3. ミントの葉っぱなどでデコレートして、エンジョイ ☆


It’s officially autumn and September here but why is it so hot?! I am so ready for autumn leaves and pumpkin latte and walks in parks and blankets already! As Japanese say, autumn is food, reading and food again, but apparently the temperature is not set at all haha.

Whenever I feel hot and dehydrated, I mix myself a smoothie to feel refreshed and happy.

I had lots of fruits in fridge, some of which were ripped to extent, and I wanted to try out my secret ingredient, aloe jelly! I saw some grapefruit or natadecoco jelly being sold in supermarket but never actually cared to buy and try out. But the time has come!

I love aloe. When I just arrived in Japan I discovered aloe yoghurt and literally ate it every day for few weeks straight. That is what happens to me when I get addicted to things hehe.

Tropical Aloe Smoothie 

Makes 2 serves

  • 190g aloe jelly
  • 1/2 mango
  • 1 kiwi
  • 1/2 peach
  • 1/2 cup almond milk
  • 1/2 cup ice

How to:

  1. I don’t peel kiwi as I like to have skin in smoothie as well. And mango and peach should be ripped so they give sweetness.
  2. Put everything into mixer and mix! Decorate with some mint leaves and enjoy.

I thought of adding some spices at first but as I tasted the smoothie I found the flavor so content it doesn’t need any adding at all!

How about a smoothie?

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