5 months of joy! 幸せな5ヶ月

Entry #42



今間無料の撮影券があって、写真撮りに行ってきた ☆ 写真では5ヶ月じゃないけど、近いんで大丈夫。





かえってら海賊の面白い顔が映った 笑 ラム持ってこい的な?




I can’t remember when did I write about The Little Caterpillar last. With cooking and baking and daily routine, it suddenly hit me that the kid turned 5 months old already! Time, stop running that fast! Seriously! 

We had free coupons on photoshoot so we went the other day to have fun and get some pictures. As there are never enough pictures! I am taking them daily so my phone memory becomes full in a blink of an eye, but more is definitely better than less. 

The Caterpillar was feeling fine doing Prince part during photo shooting, but got tired in pirate outfit pretty much. Although the faces he was making as a pirate were so funny and furious it went out well in the end. 

Parents, do take pictures! I would love to have that much of mine, I swear. Happy kids these days. 

The kid started practicing laughing with his voice a week ago, as just grinning and smiling is not enough apparently. And oh that laughter. If he is going to laugh as much as he smiles, we will face some difficulties going on public hehe. Still I love his giggles! 

Don’t stop smiling and giggling, Kid! 

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