Hello, World! はじめまして

Entry #0

Hello beautiful people!

Nice to meet you all! I am Russian living in Tokyo. I came to Japan several years ago to study Japanese culture and lifestyle, and fell in love with food culture and food at whole.

Three years ago I married a Japanese, who speaks Russian fluently (that helps alot you have no idea!), and in this April I gave birth to our son, Oleg, a little cute caterpillar eating all my time. laugh. As I am fairly new to being a mom, everyday is hectic, and the only certain thing I can control in my current life is cooking.

I am passionate about cooking healthy foods, especially sweets. Oh sweets! I can’t say I am a sweet tooth, but making sweets is like magic to me, and gosh I love it. That s partly why my second passion is fitness. How can one eat that much without working out? Answer is somewhat obvious! So my aim is to cook healthy but nutritious fabulous things.

Please make yourself comfortable at my kitchen, where me and my Little Caterpillar are cooking everyday treats for ourselves and You!

Heaps of Love!


短く自己紹介しよう。 日本に暮らしているロシア人。日本文化を学びに来日し,食文化に恋に落ちてしまった。日本人で、ロシア語喋れる男性と結婚しまい、今年の4月に無事に男の子を出産し、子育てに追い込まれながら熱心に、パッション溢れ毎日キッチンに立ち、国籍の様々な料理を作っている最中。

趣味は運動、ヨガ、筋トレ。だってそうしないと、お菓子作り大好きな自分がでぶっちゃう! そう、お菓子作りが特に好き! 不思議なことに、甘いものそこまで好きじゃないのに、甘いものを作るのが楽しくてたまらない。でも, ヘルシーな生活を送るためでもあるか、お菓子をよりヘルシーに、より体に優しく作るのが目的だ。

私のキッチンへようこそ! 二ヶ月半の息子が私が調理していると、抱っこ紐の中にぐっすり眠ってくれるので, 調理ばかり!笑