Chatty lil one, and making mold. おしゃべりやのちびっ子。型作り

Entry #19



ニコニコはともかく、二、三週間前から、つまり 三ヶ月に入ってから声が大きくなり、私とも夫とも会話(?)しまくり、もう、ビデオ撮るしかないと! タダーン!

なんのことかな? ママわからないんだけど!









My mom always said I was abnormally chatty when I was little. I literally didn’t stop, I was either talking to everyone and pretty much everything, or I was singing. Apparently that was how my childhood went about. I do remember me walking home from kindergarten with dad and singing some song about deer and whatnot so I don’t doubt my mom’s words.

Apart from that, I always smiled. Like always. So for me it was not a surprise our Little One is super chatty even being 3 months old, or he grins and smiles when there is a chance! That’s my boy hehe.

Jokes aside.

The other day I wrote I succeeded in making kid’s foot mold but failed at hand one. I thought a lot about how to make a mold so I can pour gypsum inside, as I still have it. And as always answer was waiting for me in the kitchen!

There is an old method of making figures and toys from mixture of flour and salt with baking it in the oven, I didn’t need baking part, but this method was cheap and secure.

I took 1 cup of flour and 1 cup of salt, then added gradually about 1/2 cups of water. The consistence must be not sticky at all. Batter came out fine and fast. I put it in airtight container so it wouldn’t  get dry while I was waiting for a chance to get the kid press his hand into the batter.

And it all came out fine! Now I need to wait a couple of days for the mold to get a bit dry and then I am going to finalize it. Will keep you updated!

This method is super easy so try to make something!